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Georgia Home Loan Modification Attorney

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Georgia Home Loan Modification Attorney
Do you need a lower monthly payment? If the answer is YES, then call our office at (888) 577-1482.
We are not a drive-through, high volume loan modification mill. Each clients meets us at our office and knows their attorney by name as well as the support staff that handles their case. By working with our firm, you have the ability to drop off documents and have access to our office and case workers.
Even though it has been 10 years since the recession, many homeowners are suffering from being locked into bad mortgages. As your family grows, your disposable income contracts and then you start having difficulty paying your mortgage.
Our clients are your everyday family. Sometimes there are 2 parents, or maybe there is just one doing the work for 2. Or, maybe you need to care for your ailing parent? In any of these situations, you are not the bad person. You are the victim of the banks.
Required Loan Modification Documents
2 most recent complete bank statements including checking and savings accounts
2 most recent pay stubs
2 most recent state and federal tax returns
2-page handwritten hardship letter
Most recent statements of any investments or retirement accounts
Copy of deed of trust from each mortgage loan
Copy of homeowner insurance policy and property tax bills
Any notices of default or pre-foreclosure
Copy of Driver’s License
Georgia Home Loan Modification Attorney

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