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Offshore Bank Accounts

Do you need to file a Streamline Case or are you a better candidate for the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program? Click here to learn more.

U.S. Tax Court Litigation Attorney

The U.S. Tax Court is your most economical and efficient means of contesting your tax liability with the IRS. You will be dealing with actual IRS Attorneys and not collections agents. Click here to learn more.

Offer in Compromise Negotiation

You’ve seen and heard TV and radio personalities promising “pennies on the dollar” settlements for your IRS tax debt and wondered if they were legitimate. Click here to learn more.

Preparer Defense

If you are a tax preparer and have been more than lenient in giving out deductions for the Earned Income credit, fuel tax credit, or similar small business deductions on schedule C, then, you might have been contacted by the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit. Click here to learn more.

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November 21, 2019 in IRS Tax

Tax Preparer Penalty Due Diligence Attorney Atlanta Georgia

Tax Preparer Penalty Due Diligence Attorney Atlanta Georgia If you are a tax preparer facing a due diligence audit by the IRS, then, you might be concerned about some of the deductions that you have given your clients. The most common deductions that we have seen causing trouble for our…
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July 8, 2019 in IRS Tax

Impact of Divorce on Taxes

Impact of Divorce on Taxes Taxpayers should be aware of tax law changes related to alimony and separation payments. These payments are made after a divorce or separation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the rules around them, which will affect certain taxpayers when they file their 2019 tax…
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June 19, 2019 in IRS Tax

199A QBI Deduction

199A QBI Deduction Many individuals, including owners of businesses operated through sole proprietorships, partnerships, S corporations, trusts and estates may be eligible for a qualified business income deduction, also called the section 199A deduction. Some trusts and estates may also claim the deduction directly. The deduction allows them to deduct…
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June 19, 2019 in IRS Tax

Small businesses vehicle deductions

Small businesses vehicle deductions Businesses that use a car or other vehicle may be able to deduct the expense of operating that vehicle on their taxes. Businesses generally can use one of the two methods to figure their deductible vehicle expenses: Standard mileage rate Actual car expenses For 2019, here…
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