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Sampling methods used in Georgia sales tax audits

Sampling? Does it make any sense at all that the Auditor would audit your sales, then, when it came time to look through all of your books and records, that they would only pick 1-3 months out of a given year and then estimate the sales and profits for the entire year? Click here to learn more.

Wayfair Decision and Georgia Sales Tax

If you are a vendor in Georgia or doing business in Georgia online, you are probably wondering how all of this effects you. Not to bore you with tax and constitutional jargon, but it is important to know why and how none of this truly does not make any legal sense. Click here to learn more.

Are Services Subject to Georgia Sales Tax?

When you sell a product, all revenues generated through services associated with the sale of the product are subject to Georgia sales tax. Click here to learn more.

Georgia Tax Tribunal Attorney

You timely filed your petition with the GTT. he GTT sends our office a proof of filing the day that they receive your case with a case number and first status conference hearing date (status with Judge and GTT’s attorney)– this notice is called an Order. Click here to learn more.

Latest Sales Tax News

January 3, 2022 in Sales Tax

Do Contractors create a nexus

Do Contractors create a nexus If your business requires contractors that get paid on a 1099 to work for you in another state, then, you might have created a nexus. If that contract worker takes part in: 1. Helping you build and/or 2. Create a new market, then, Most likely…
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December 3, 2021 in Sales Tax

How to determine Nexus in Dropshipping

How to determine Nexus in Dropshipping: In a drop shipping setting, just keep in mind that there are 3 players: 1. Seller 2. Dropshipper (distributor) 3. Customer The general rule: Sales tax is collected at the end-state of the sale, where the customer resides. Note: If the Dropshipper has Nexus,…
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January 18, 2019 in Featured, Georgia Sales Tax, Sales Tax

Georgia Sales Tax on Fixture Installation and Labor

Georgia Sales Tax Audit Fixture Installation and Labor When it comes to Georgia sales tax audits and construction companies, there are 3 main questions: Is there sales tax on labor? Is there sales tax on installation? Is there sales tax on the labor of installing fixtures (A fixture is not…
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December 19, 2018 in Sales Tax

Georgia Online Internet Sales Tax Lawyer

Georgia Online Internet Sales Tax Lawyer Until Wayfair v South Dakota, online and out-of-state buyers in Georgia were enjoying a 7%. I know this because I always thought to myself that I am saving 7% on every online purchase that I made. Since 2018, retail giants like amazon have been…
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