Reviews from our Sales Tax Audit Clients

When our family business received a sales tax audit, we panicked. We tried working through it with the auditor but none of the numbers were making sense. That’s when we started looking for help, but we were concerned about the cost of hiring someone. Hiring Ansari Tax Law Firm was easily the best decision we made as he made the process so much smoother and we ended up saving way more money than expected.

— Vivian

Ansari Law Firm saved me untold $1000’s If not 6 figures of dollars on a sales tax audit. This firm is the most professional firms I have ever dealt with. Going through a audit is very intimidating and stressful, especially if your records are not up to par. They made it easy to understand and dealt with the auditor directly rather than me having to. If you want piece of mind and want to Eliminate the stress of one of these audits, I cannot convey enough the importance of having this firm on your side. Please take my free advice and give them your business. They are an exceptional, dedicated and knowledgeable team that you need on your side when you get hit with an audit. They are worth every penny and more. Thank you Mansoor...

— Cliff

I've spent hours on researching a sales tax question online, speaking to my peers in the industry, and CPAs. No one could give me the answers I needed to have the confidence that my business is processing sales taxes the correct way. After reading an article online, I decided to reach out to the Ansari Firm. Glad I did. I'll begin by saying that the process for securing a phone appointment and electronically signing the agreement is seamless! I had the pleasure of speaking with Mansoor about the topic at hand. He took the time to understand what my business does, what my questions were before offering any insight or guidance. Mansoor is a strong communicator. It is evident that he is an expert on sales taxes, regulations, and processes surrounding this complex topic. Highly recommended and will use again for any tax related questions. Thank you!

— Kyle

Mansoor has excellent sales tax knowledge for remote sellers and consistently goes above and beyond to deliver best in class tax attorney services. Highly recommend him.

— Mobeen

My wife and I were starting our own clinical research site and as a novice entrepreneur, I came to realize we didn't have enough understanding of the business side of our practice as we thought. One of my friends suggested (in jest) I talk to Mansoor, considering we had the same last name. However, our first impromptu conversation convinced me to use his firm in professional capacity. This tax firm consists of top-notch professionals who really helped me navigate tax related setup and understand my obligations as an employer of 20+ professionals. I would recommend Ansari firm to anyone without hesitation.

— Umair

Excellent sales tax representation. Really appreciate the knowledge and responsiveness; and answering my plethora of questions.

— Sunil

Excellent, Top-notch, always there to answer any and all of my questions! Would highly recommend Ansari Tax, as they are #1 in Sales Tax Appeals and have been filing my taxes since 2017, I've continued to come back as I'm a highly satisfied customer! Go with these guys, you'll be in great hands!

— Waquas

I had a major problem with a Sales tax audit for my company. I came across Ansari Law Firm from his google reviews. After speaking with Mr. Ansari about everything I had going on with my audit. Mr. Ansari in details made sure I understood the Procedures of a sale tax audit. Mr. Ansari and his team were very organized and concise when they worked on my case. We also had problems with another location in another state of our business which they handled. His firm was very quick with all updates, and addressed any concerns that I had quickly. I recommend him and his staff 100%.

— Wendely

Our veterinary clinic was audited for Sales Tax. I didn’t understand very basic things like what if factor was. Mansoor was able to explain to me the law and technical terms like the factor. Using my own documentation, the lawyers were able to reduce my sales tax without even going to court. I recommend this firm simply for their knowledge of tax law and how They make things easy for the government to understand. I hope I don’t get audited again but if I do I know who to call.

— Lilian

The service was amazing and extremely professional. Mansoor Ansari is a remarkable tax attorney and very motivated to ensure his clients questions and concerns are handled in a timely fashion. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend this law firm to anyone that wants tax legal services.

— R

I refer all of my cross-border clients to Mansoor. He is thorough and diligent, always responsive, and takes a prudent and careful approach to their concerns and needs. I know when I am sending a client to him, they will receive exceptional service, and the results he has obtained have left me with extremely satisfied clients.

— Fawad

I do appreciate Ansari Tax Law Firm!!! Mr. Ansari has a deep understanding of tax law. Both he and his staff are professional and courteous, and I felt respected and heard through my whole difficult experience. If you have any tax issues that you need resolved, I highly recommend this office.

— Constance

Great place to go for business license and tax problems! the attorneys were really nice and helpful.

— June

It's always confusing and annoying when it comes to the tax problems and dealing with IRS. The previous firms I used were never able to fully fix my issues. But luckily one of my friends introduced me Ansari and it completely changed the game!! The people from Ansari are extremely professional and they pay attention to every detail. They made the whole experience efficient and effective. I would recommend Ansari to everyone!

— Bryant

I highly recommend this firm! From the moment of our consultation Mansoor was very honest and knowledgeable about our situation. The firm has guided us through a case we were overwhelmed by, especially as we have zero knowledge about tax law. We appreciate the attention we received and are very happy with the positive outcome of our case.

— Yareli

The highest compliment I can give an attorney is that I trust them to help my loved ones. I have referred my family members to Ansari Tax Attorney, and Mansoor and his team handled them with care and provided excellent tax advice. 5 Stars + all the way here.

— Muneer

The Department of revenue started a sales tax audit that I didn't have time to handle. They just asked me for documents, but did the rest of the work. Great job and thanks.

— Ward

My family owns a business near Dahlonega but we ended up owing some money to the IRS as we didn't know the tax laws that well. We asked around and Mr. Ansari was highly recommended by some of our friends. We reached out to them and they were able to help us reduce our payments out to Uncle Sam! However, I think the best part was that we were informed through every step of the process and felt that we learned enough to be on top of our federal owings next time around. Absolutely grateful, thanks again.

— EM

They have immense experience and are my first call for any tax issue. Very knowledgeable and professional services and their customer service is beyond amazing. Highly recommend!!

— Tosif

Mansoor Ansari is a top notch tax attorney. As an attorney myself, I often consult with him on state and federal tax issues.

— JW

Mr. Ansari is my go to lawyer for my tax issues. Honest and knowledgeable. Fees are fair and well worth the results. Communication is second to none. Thanks for the help.

— Michael

Recently I was charged with SNAP fraud which I never did. I didn't know what to do so I reached out to Mr Ansari and his paralegal, they helped me to solve it and turns out I was able to pay a fine instead of a suspension.

— Kwok

Hired him to handle a SNAP benefit hearing that was almost certainly gonna result in having to pay the state bk a significant amount of money. After everything was said and done the case was overturned and ended up winning the hearing. Cannot recommend this firm enough. Thank you so much.

— Mila

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