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Telecom Sales Tax Audit

By April 29, 2024April 30th, 2024Sales Tax Videos

If your business offers anything remotely close to services that provide communication type needs, then, you might have opened yourself up to telecom sales tax. Check your website to make sure that you have listed your services correctly.


Do you need to be called a telecom company in order to be subject to telecom sales tax? The answer is no. If the state government thinks that you’re a telecom services provider that’s all they need to subject you to telecom sales tax. I’m Mansoor Ansari with Nexus Tax Defense. If your company provides anything of the nature that’s remotely close to click-to-chat services or anything that provides the ability to communicate using technology, then you have opened yourself up to telecom sales tax. The state government looks at your website to check if you offer any services related to online calling, click-to-call, video conferencing, and that alone will trigger a telecom sales tax implication. Make sure your website clearly indicates your services and more importantly, make sure that you are tracking telecom services the right way. Thanks.

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