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The Ansari Tax Law firm is comprised of attorneys of counsel with strong accounting backgrounds, Masters in Tax Law, and a dedicated focus to structure our clients tax transactions.

Tax Audits: The firm handles matters from the receipt of an initial audit notice through litigation. We have the know how to not only do detailed review your records with the eyes of a CPA but also how to aggressively argue on your behalf as an attorney in front of the U.S. Tax Court, IRS, and Georgia Department of Revenue.

Our firm has successfully handled Tax Controversy Matters for clients ranging from small, one owner businesses to global, publicly traded companies and every size in between. As such, by choosing the Ansari Tax Law Firm to represent your company (or your client’s company) in audit, tax, or criminal dispute, you can be rest assured that you have made the right choice.

Once the IRS sends you an “intent to levy “ notice, they will contact your employer and begin to levy your wages.

If you earn by way of a 1099, then the IRS may levy up to 100% of your pay check.
If you earn by way of a W-2, then the IRS will usually levy up to 82% of your pay check.

At our law firm, we specialize in bringing our clients to a 100% compliance level with the IRS. That is the first step in getting rid of your wage levy. Once that problem is solved, we go ahead and negotiate a payment plan on your behalf.

When the IRS has tries to collect back taxes unsuccessfully, they will begin to seize assets. By not opening letters or returning phone calls they will take the next step. This process is called a “levy.” When they attach wages, it’s called a wage garnishment. Wage garnishment (officially called a Wage Levy) can be the most stressful and humiliating of all collection tactics. The IRS does this to force taxpayers into compliance. Almost nothing is worse than having your wages garnished by an IRS wage garnishment. By contacting Michigan IRS tax relief attorney Ansari, we can work towards preventing or stopping wage garnishment. When the IRS files a wage garnishment, the taxpayer’s employer must intercept a percentage (up to 90%) of each of your paychecks, and then forward that percentage to the IRS. Wage garnishments remain in effect until the taxpayer’s IRS back taxes are paid in full, or a formal release is negotiated with the IRS. The amount of money that the IRS can withhold is based on a variety of factors, such as whether or not the taxpayer is married or the number of dependents.

Help Stopping Wage Garnishment by the IRS

Our office realizes that the loss of income can be destructive and devastating to individuals and families. Immediately upon retention, we start negotiations with the IRS for a release. In most cases we get wage garnishments stopped on our first contact with the IRS. If not, we will find out what is required to end the wage garnishment. In most instances we get these garnishments released before our client’s next paycheck!

Interest rate on IRS tax debt

Is there an interest rate on IRS tax debt?

It is a very common and important question asked by our our clients: What is the Interest rate on IRS tax debt?

The answer: The interest rate is the federal short-term rate plus 3%. The federal short-term rate is determined every three months.

If you are on an IRS payment plan / installment agreement, then this issue most likely pertains to you. At present, if you are in an IRS payment plan, your Federal Short Term rate is .41%. Then, add 3% under the IRS rules for interest rate.

For example, if you owe the IRS $60000.00, then you would pay an additional $5345.00 in interest (assuming the interest rates in the paragraph above did not change).

Note: In addition, a 5% interest penalty will accrue on your balance throughout the payment plan.


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