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Valdosta Georgia Sales Tax Increase

By October 24, 2018Sales Tax

Valdosta Georgia Sales Tax Increase

The sales tax, called T-SPLOST, is for projects such as overpasses, bridges, and roads.

“They raise money and people have different opinions because it’s more money involved. If the money is put it where it needs to be put, I don’t see nothing wrong with it,” said Louie Galban, a Valdosta business owner.  Galban said the T-SPLOST tax isn’t a bad idea — as long as the taxing doesn’t get out of control.

Also known as transportation special purpose local option sales tax, the total tax will equal 8 cents for every dollar spent.

Valdosta Mayor John Gayle, recently received an award for his T-SPLOST work, and thinks that the increase is necessary because of what it will do for the Valdosta community.

The Valdosta and Lowndes County community has created a three-tier list of projects that will last until 2028.

“People think we bring in millions of dollars on property taxes. Our share of the property tax in Lowndes County is about $11 million. That doesn’t even cover our police or fire department,” said Gayle.

With the money brought in, the first phase of project is set to be done in 2018.

Galban said that if the taxes hurt his business then he’ll make the necessary adjustments.

“If it does then, I’ll lower product one cent sent how about that. I’ll work with the city. I will lower. Instead of charging $.99 for soda, I’ll charge $.98,” said Galban.

Gayle said the state contributed about $112 million towards these projects for a total of $512 million for the region to share after all the money has been collected.

Valdosta Georgia Sales Tax Increase

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