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USDA EBT SNAP 6 month suspension Attorney

By July 8, 2019May 10th, 2023USDA

USDA EBT SNAP 6 month suspension Attorney

Has the USDA sent you a 6 months suspension letter for trafficking when you did not traffic goods? Let’s step back for a second and examine what the letter says. This is in accordance with Section 278.6(a) and (e) of the SNAP regulations.

Under Section 278.6(f)(1), a firm will be eligible for what is referred to as a hardship civil monetary penalty (CMP). This is the best case scenario when you have been sent a charge letter indicating that trafficking has occurred at your firm. In order to be successful, one must prove that an undue hardship will result as a result of the 6 month suspension at their place of business. It is important to note that the undue hardship is not a reflection of the monetary hardship on the business. Instead, this is an undue hardship on the customers of their business. That by closing down the EBT machine, the customers would be faced with an a burdensome loss.

The evidence that needs to be brought to the attention of the USDA is heavy in these cases. It is not enough to simply write a letter or make a phone call to the USDA and tell them that it will be difficult for people to shop at another store.

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USDA EBT SNAP 6 month suspension Attorney

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