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Sales Tax Relief Attorney Sandy Springs

Sales Tax Relief Attorney Sandy Springs
If you are a business owner or an ex business owner that owes uncollected or unremitted sales tax to the GDOR, then, you are most likely looking for a tax attorney that deals with sales tax.
If you have a substantial amount of sales tax owed to the State, you are probably thinking about getting on a payment plan. Payment plans are never a one-size fits all policy with the State as they tend to be with the IRS. For example, the IRS will give a taxpayer a 60 months streamline payment plan for debts under $25,000.00, regardless of how much the taxpayer earns.
In the case of sales tax, if your business is currently open, you may get a payment plan between 12-60 months. This depends on how many payment plans that you may have had in the past, the amount due, and even a down payment. If your business is now closed, you have the most latitude and can hope for a payment plan closer to the 60 month mark. However, if your business is currently open and you are seeking a payment plan, then, the State knows that you are also in a mode of desperation and will want to hit you with the most aggressive payment plan as possible.
Sales Tax Relief Attorney Sandy Springs

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