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Probate Lawyer Alpharetta

Probate Lawyer Alpharetta
When our law firm probates an estate, we take some or all of the following essential steps, depending on the nature of the estate:

  • File the most recent will with the probate court
  • Petition the probate court for appointment of a Personal Representative
  • Identify and inventory the decedent’s property
  • Have the property appraised
  • Collect money owed to the estate
  • Pay debts and taxes
  • File appropriate tax returns
  • Identify the beneficiaries
  • Locate the beneficiaries
  • Distribute the remaining property as outlined in the will and other documents or through intestacy (where there is no will involved)

If there is a dispute, we litigate those matters. A good estate plan can make the probate process much easier and less likely to result in family conflict.

Wrongful Death Settlement and Distribution in Probate Court

When an attorney recovers compensation for a wrongful death, that money needs to be distributed to family members as outlined by the Georgia Wrongful Death Statute and case law.
The settlement and distribution process of wrongful death claims in Probate Court are a frequent source of confusion and frustration for most attorneys who are hired to pursue compensation for the families, because these attorneys usually practice exclusively in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, not probate. Noncompliance with relevant statutes and court rules will delay and jeopardize the settlement and distribution process and could leave an attorney vulnerable to a malpractice claim.
Probate Lawyer Alpharetta

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