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IRS Tax Audit Attorney Atlanta

IRS Tax Audit Attorney Atlanta
Has the IRS sent you a notice of audit? Let’s talk about this and something called a Document Request.
If the IRS has contacted you for audit, they have assigned a field auditor to your account. Whether this is a personal audit or a business audit, the field auditor will leave their business card on your front door. Once you call your auditor, they will set up a time to meet and bring documents. This is where you have the choice to represent yourself or have an attorney represent you without being at the meeting.
At a typical audit meeting, we take all of the documents that have been provided by our client, organize and analyze the documents, and then attend the meeting. Normally, the auditor will need more detailed explanations of expenses and in most cases additional documentation where things are not as self explanatory. Remember, the auditor is somebody that is simply trying to get your information off of their desk. They are not trying to do you any favors by assuming things in your best interest.
This morning, we were contacted by an auditor for one of our clients. We represented this client in a past audit where the auditor actually did his job and went through the paperwork. This time around, we got an auditor that doesn’t remember our conversations let alone did not examine the documentation. Forcing the auditors to do their job has become the norm even when the correct paperwork has been provided. Call our office for audit representation.
IRS Tax Audit Attorney Atlanta

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