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IRS Tax Attorney Gainesville GA

By October 2, 2018IRS Tax

IRS Tax Attorney Gainesville GA

Gainesville, GA, tax audit attorney Mansoor Ansari, has experience counseling clients from all walks of life, all income levels and nearly every profession. Nearly anyone with an income or assets can be targeted for a tax audit. Gainesville tax audit attorney Mansoor Ansari can protect your best interests regardless of the tax challenges you face. Though anyone can face a tax audit, there are certain individuals and businesses that are more often chosen for an audit. Regardless of your background or complexity of your tax situation, an experienced Gainesville tax audit attorney can help.

If you are facing an audit, having an experienced tax audit attorney on your side can make a significant difference in the eventual outcome. A lawyer can protect your rights, preserve privileged information and seek to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Mansoor Ansari is an experienced tax lawyer who has successfully represented many individuals and business owners in tax audits. Mr. Ansari can handle all aspects of your case and provide assertive representation designed to obtain the best result for you.

IRS Tax Attorney Gainesville GA

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