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Illinois sales tax fraud recovers millions

By January 26, 2015November 16th, 2019Illinois Sales Tax, Uncategorized

Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that their joint ongoing criminal enforcement operation to prosecute gas station owners who evaded sales tax payments has recovered over $100 million for the state.

The State has found that the majority of high-dollar sales tax fraud cases are coming from the gas station retailer’s industry. As a result, the IDOR has targeted gas station owners for audits and has been successful in recovering unpaid sales tax dollars.

The ongoing operation led by Madigan’s Special Prosecutions Bureau and IDOR’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation was launched to recoup sales tax losses from gas stations throughout Illinois that underreported revenues to avoid paying taxes to the state. Of the 50 gas station owners that have been charged to date, 40 defendants have been already convicted, many of whom were imprisoned. Additionally, tens of thousands of tax dollars have been recouped through IDOR audits.

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