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Illinois Sales Tax Appeal Litigation Lawyer

By September 23, 2015November 8th, 2023Illinois Sales Tax, Uncategorized

Why would somebody want to appeal a sales tax deficiency?
The obvious reason is that you may not agree with the findings of an auditor. However, the most compelling reason as to why you would want to appeal an audit is so that you can preserve your right to protest. The further down the line your audit and collections process goes, the more difficult it becomes to protest any debt that may have arisen from the initial audit. Obviously, late payment, failure to pay, and even fraud penalties accrue based off the assessed balance. Call our office to appeal your sales tax audit – It will be more fruitful than putting you on a payment plan for money that you do not owe!
By: Mansoor Ansari J.D., LL.M. (TAX)
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