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Florence Alabama Sales Tax Increase

By January 18, 2019January 31st, 2019Alabama Sales Tax, Featured

Florence Alabama Sales Tax Increase

As of January 17, 2019, Florence, Alabama, increased its sales tax to 9.5 %, of which 3.5% goes to the city. The purpose of the state and local tax increase is directly related to the interest of increasing wages of serviceman such as police and firefighters. Local officials stated that Florence’s serviceman are underpaid compared to surrounding localities.

If you are a retailer of tangible items that do not meet any sales tax exemptions, then, you should adjust your point of sales terminals to reflect the new sales tax. Alabama sales tax audits are not retroactive, but moving forward, you will need to increase the sales tax being charged to your customers.

Alabama has one of the most complex sales tax laws in the nation. This only adds to the confusion.

Florence Alabama Sales Tax Increase

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