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Convert LLC to INC in Georgia

By November 23, 2021Georgia Sales Tax

Convert LLC to INC in Georgia

You are very lucky that you are doing business in the state of Georgia. Not all states offer this simple method of converting your LLC to an INC. See below:

Georgia conversion – LLC to INC. (Fees: $95 for the Certificate of Conversion and $100 for the Articles of Incorporation.

1. Certificate of conversion,
2. Articles of incorporation
3. Data Transmittal Form 227.


4. Prepare a certificate of conversion: “O.G.C.A. 14-2-1109.2(b)(1)-(6) certificate of conversion.”
5. Include: name of your LLC and the state where it was formed;
6. Intention to convert LLC to INC.
7. Date of the conversion
8. Statement that the members approved the election as required by O.G.C.A. 14-2-1109.2(a);
9. Statement that along with the certificate, articles are being filed; RE: How owners interest will change/remain.
10. Prepare articles of incorporation “O.C.G.A.14-2-202. Articles of incorporation.”
11. Name of the corporation;
12. Number of shares authorized to be issued;
13. Name and address for the registered agent;
14. Your name and address as incorporator;
15. Principal mailing address for the corporation.
16. Prepare Data Transmittal Form 227 (from GA SOS website).
17. File all three documents with the Corporate Division of the GA SOS

Convert LLC to INC in Georgia

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