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Benefits of IRS CDP Hearing

By July 25, 2018IRS Tax

Benefits of IRS CDP Hearing
In a recent case, a client hired our firm to represent him in a controversy with the IRS. He had owed $135,000.00 in unpaid payroll taxes from a business that was established well over 8 years ago. The best part is that he was only an employee of the business; however, the owner decided to put our client down as a member-manager so that he could take a fall for the medicare and social security that he stole out of his employees’ paychecks.
The client had called us and explained the whole store. Since he had been receiving collections notices, we filed for a Collections Due Process hearing. A few months later, we got our chance to be heard. Our client’s grounds were that he never received notices regarding this liability. This is absolutely true. He had actually moved out of state for a number of years and he never knew about the liability until it came to light in 2017. We asked the IRS to produce proof of mailing that our client was in fact served at the correct address. 6 months had gone by since the CDP hearing and we did not hear back from the IRS regarding this matter. Finally, the IRS sent us a letter stating that they neither agree or disagree with our position, but instead, are ready to alleviate our client of this payroll tax burden of $135,000.00. Sign and sealed, our client is now enjoying life without a hefty tax liability.
Benefits of IRS CDP Hearing

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